"Secret Garden" is a Limited Edition Collection consisting of:

Coat, Hat, Dress, Hair Scarf, Rompers,
Hair Ties, Tunic, Capris, and Head Band
Cotton print, off white linen, and cotton bend jersey knit were used to create this collection. I used free motion embroidery, fresh water natural pearls, and pleated trims as embellishment on all pieces. This Summer Collection was available as a Complete Collection or as Mix and Match Separates.

Complete Collection - Click Here!

Coat and Hat - Click Here!

Dress and Head Scarf - Click Here!

Rompers and Hair Ties - Click Here!

Tunic, Capris Leggings, and Head Band - Click Here!

About Maru and Friends

I have been working with Mrs. Effner on a few projects and she introduced me to Maru and FriendsTM which she designed for the Maru and Friends Company.

She sent me these three beautiful girls that she had put her own "artist's touch" to the face paint, and I could not resist the opportunity to dress them and help publicize them. They are adorable!

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