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May 24th, 2016

I am sewing and painting, plus I am having a Pattern Sale!

Have a beautiful week!


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Fashion Gallery:    This is where you will find available designs. I usually add one of a kind or limited edition ensembles once a month. Join my Preview List to receive an email when new designs are added.

Clothing Patterns:    My doll clothing patterns include the easiest step by step instructions you've ever seen, because I include photographs of each step of the sewing process!   Create beautiful fashions for your favorite dolls!

Clothing Patterns for 11 and 18 Inch Kaye Wiggs Dolls, 12 and 14 Inch Kish Chrysalis, Ellowyne Wilde, SD13, Ann Estelle, American Girl Dolls, My Twinn Dolls, Leeann, and Mini Super Dollfie size dolls are now available.

Copyright Terms For My Patterns and E-Patterns

All patterns and designs copyright 2006-2016 MHD Designs by Magalie Houle Dawson.  All rights reserved, including downloading, mass producing, photocopying, enlargements, reductions, all other forms of reproduction, website sharing, Email, or any other means of redistribution.

Commercial selling or reselling of my patterns by any means, including eBay or any other website is forbidden except by written permission only.

Copyright Terms For The Products Made From My Patterns and E-Patterns

Products made from MHD Designs patterns are intended for personal use (for fun), or small scale personal and business profit as long as you credit us with the design.

This means that if you sew doll clothing based on one of my patterns and offer it for sale, you are required to clearly state "This ensemble is based on a fashion pattern from MHD Designs"  somewhere in the text of your web page or eBay listing.   This is required even if you modify the pattern from its original design.

Small to large scale commercial use (i.e. mass production) of clothing made from these patterns, or clothing offered with (included with) your own mass produced or limited edition line of dolls, and all other forms of small to large scale commercial production is forbidden except by written permission.

This is new.  I have always allowed products made from my patterns to be sold, so long as the seamstress didn't claim design credit.   Unfortunately, I have seen more instances of this happening and thus this change in my copyright policy.

I am truly happy that my patterns help others make a little extra "dolly funds" (or even a nice second income), that's what they're for!   It's just that in these days of universal search engines and google rankings, these small designer credits DO add up and help bring new customers to my website for new pattern sales.   Every little bit helps!   :-)

Thank you for visiting,


Design Museum:    These are designs from 2000-2002.   I have been sewing for my dolls since I was a little girl, and designing clothing for real people before, during, and after my years at College La Salle (the preeminent design school in Montreal).  These Galleries document my first two years of designing for the internet doll world.  I am happy to have found my niche as a doll artist and fashion designer for beautiful dolls, and I hope you enjoy looking at my design work from these exciting first two years.

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